Thursday, December 29, 2011

DiDonna's on Saratoga Lake

December 29th, 2011

Last Friday at dinner we discussed making 2012 the year of the fish sandwich and trying all the fish sandwiches we can in search of the best.  It's still only 2011 but I started today at DiDonna's South Shore Restaurant because we were passing by on the way home from the Saratoga National Battlefield.
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I have only been to DiDonna's one before, three years ago during the summer and I had a fish sandwich that day too.  I remember it as being good, worth trying again, but not stellar.  But in defense of that first fish sandwich I have to say that I didn't eat it right away.  The kids and I were the support team for Buck on his first 100 mile Bike for MS and we were just trying to grab a bite to eat when we got to the next stop.

But today the fish was stellar!  We had cod. One big, long piece of cod with a light, beer batter deep fried to crispy but moist and tender inside.  It is the closest fish I've had to Tony's Fish and Chips in Prescott, Ontario and the best piece of fish I've had to date on bread.  The roll was perfect. It was soft, white bread exactly shaped to the fish and not too big - which is great.  There's nothing worse than a huge hunk of hard bread overpowering your light fish. The roll was also toasted on the grill so it was crispy on the inside but still soft and very, very fresh on the outside.  I had tartar sauce but you certainly didn't need it.  I was wishing for some vinegar which would have put the whole experience over the top.  The accompanying chips/fries were good too but I'd pass them up for more fish any day.

Today the kids and I pulled right up to the lake in the parking lot of DiDonna's and ate right away which I'm sure made the fish sandwich better not just because it didn't have time to loose its heat and crispiness but also because the view is spectacular.
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On a final note, the service was very fun and friendly.  I love that the specials menu at the bar is written in the bottom of an old frying pan and if I hadn't had the kids with me I could have stayed and chatted with the bartender for a drink.

Highly recommended: DiDonna's Fish Sandwich